Parent Transition Group (PTG)

The Parent Transition Group is a program of The Arc of Indiana County and a committee of the Local Task Force on the Right to Education of Armstrong and Indiana counties, which working cooperatively with local agencies and organizations.  For more about the Local Task Force on the Right to Education, visit the organization’s web site by clicking  HERE.

The group is made up of parents who formed it to provide guidance to parents of students with disabilities that are making the transition from high school to post-secondary education, employment, and community living.

What the Parent Transition Group does:

  • Provides on-going mini-workshops to assist in transition.
  • Provides advocacy/mentoring for parents of transitioning students.
  • Provides an opportunity for parents to discuss transition issues with other parents and agencies.
  • Maintains a library of books and materials on transition topics

Frequently asked questions addressed by the group include:

  • What is transition?
  • When does transition start?
  • What is a parent’s role in transition?
  • What is a school’s role in transition?
  • What information needs to be on the IEP for successful transition?
  • When should I start thinking about transition for my child?


  1. ARIN Intermediate Unit 28
  2. ICW Vocational Services, Inc. (Ind. Co.)
  3. Progressive Workshop, Inc. (Arm. Co.)
  4. OVR (Office of Vocational Rehabilitation)
  5. Community Guidance Center (Ind. Co.)
  6. Family Counseling Center (Arm. Co.)
  7. Career TRACK
  8. Armstrong-Indiana Behavioral and Developmental Health Program
  9. Social Security Administration
  10. Department of Public Welfare
  11. The Arc of Indiana County

The Parent Transition Group meets on the first Monday of the month (September through May) at The Arc of Indiana County from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, with lunch provided.  An RSVP to The Arc is requested.  These meetings are informal and casual to foster open communication.

For more information or if you would like to be involved with this group, please contact the Arc of Indiana County to reach J. Evans, Jen Moody, or Barbara Telthorster.

Arc of Indiana County
120 North 5th Street
Indiana, PA  15701
Phone: (724) 349-8230
Fax: (724) 801-8549

Funding is provided by the Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust, the FISA Foundation, and private donations.