Emergency Information Packets

The Arc of Indiana County provides Emergency Information Packets for anyone to complete and place on refrigerators in homes.  These packets were designed to provide first responders with important information when responding to an emergency.  This project was a collaborative project of Citizens’ Ambulance Service, Grace United Methodist Church, and The Arc of Indiana County.

This information in the packet can be critical to emergency personnel, especially if there is a person with a disability within the home.  It is also recommended that a completed Emergency Information Packet be placed in the sun visor of the car and/or a child’s car seat.  Over 6,000 Emergency Information Packets have been provided to individuals at local community events and at local, state, and national meetings.


Each household needs to discuss what Emergency Information each household member needs to place into the clear plastic Emergency Envelope.

Complete the Citizens’ Ambulance Emergency Information Card for each member of the household.

Additional suggested information to include: 

  • Photo(s) with name(s) to identify each person living in the house.
  • Fingerprints of children living in the house.
  • List of pets (including type of pet and names) living inside the house.
  • Situational information: (if a person in the house may hide when they see/hear emergency vehicles, note where they may hide; is a person in the house on oxygen therapy; if so, where do they keep the oxygen tanks.
  • “Do Not Resuscitate” instructions, the location of Advanced Directives, Living Wills, and other emergency information you feel is important.

This Emergency Information would be placed in the clear plastic Emergency Envelope with “Emergency Information” in front, then place the plastic Emergency Envelope on your refrigerator for easy access by your household members and emergency personnel.  The household members would be responsible for updating the emergency information.

The household members would be responsible for updating the emergency information.

Click here for printable cards