Information About My Disability Card

Arc of Indiana board member Heather Telthorster came up with the idea for “Information About My Disability” cards, then developed the cards.

Heather’s story:  “Hi, my name is Heather Telthorster. When I got my Driver’s License and my own car I was a little worried that if I got pulled over by the police they wouldn’t understand me because of my speech disability. I told my mom about my idea, she is the Executive Director of The Arc of Indiana County and we made an information card. I put it in my car, my mom’s car and I have one in my purse. If someone doesn’t understand what I say I will show them the information card.”


Info about my disability











The “Information About My Disability Card” is a simple and effective way to provide information about an individual’s disability and his or her contact information to 1st Responders or other community members.

To download a complete sample of the “Information About My Disability,” click here.