Parent Mentor Program

The Parent Mentor Program is designed to provide information and support to parents of children with intellectual/developmental disabilities or other disabilities, in Indiana County.  The program goals are based on the premise that parents of these children have common concerns and need information so they can make informed decisions.

The Parent Mentor Program encourages parents to become actively involved in their child’s education.

The Parent Mentor Program recognizes that a quality education requires a collaborative effort and supports positive communication between parents, students, educators, and agencies.

The Parent Mentor Program assists parents in several ways:

  • Providing an opportunity to discuss their concerns
  • Offering assistance in getting answers to their questions
  • Offering assistance in preparing for school meetings
  • Presenting workshops on issues of interest to parents
  • Presenting workshops for parents, schools, and community groups
  • The Parent Mentor Program recognizes the vital role parents play in the development and growth of their children.

Funding is provided by the Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust.