The Enhancing Ability Assistive Technology Scholarship Program

The Arc of Indiana County was awarded 25 Echo devices and 25 tablets through a grant from the Arc of U.S. and Amazon. With this grant, The Arc of Indiana County is awarding scholarships in 2024 for Echo devices or tablets to help individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities in Indiana or Armstrong Counties achieve greater independence in their daily lives.

Applicants can apply for one or both devices, while supplies last (Each applicant can only apply for one of each device).


  • Be an individual with an intellectual or developmental disability or a guardian of someone who does.
  • Demonstrate a need or benefit from an Echo device or Amazon Fire 7 tablet.

How to Apply:

Your support coordinator will have paper copies for your use or the application can be completed on this page.

Paper copies can be returned to the Arc of Indiana County or your support coordinator.

Need and Benefit:

Please describe in detail how an Echo device or tablet would benefit the applicant in their daily life. Here are some examples to get you started, but feel free to share your specific needs:

  • Echo Device:
    • Setting reminders and alarms for medication or appointments.
    • Connecting with loved ones through hands-free calls.
    • Playing audiobooks or music therapy.
    • Improving speech clarity skills
    • Increase independence with the ability to make to-do lists, shopping lists, ask for directions, etc
    • Ability to use an intercom system
    • Alarm and reminder repetition can assist with muscle memory and skill set
    • Utilizing voice commands for controlling smart home devices (if applicable).
  • Tablet:
    • Accessing educational apps and learning tools.
    • Communicating visually through video calls or picture exchange systems.
    • Using voice-to-text features for easier communication.
    • Playing games that promote cognitive skills and motor development.

Online Application:

Echo deviceAmazon Fire 7 TabletBOTH

The program will begin September 1, 2024. No set deadline. The program will end when all scholarships are allocated.

Questions? Contact us:

The Arc of Indiana County