Youth Employment Expo

The Youth Employment Expo is an employment-focused seminar for high school juniors and seniors with disabilities from Indiana County high schools and young adults from ICW Vocational Services to learn about employment issues from area employers, agencies, educational institutions and legislative offices.

The expo is designed to help young people with disabilities identify and overcome employment barriers, improve job-seeking skills and get jobs to become tax-paying citizens who live in and contribute to the community.

The Youth Employment Expo provides opportunities for:

  • Indiana County employers to learn how hiring youth and young adults with disabilities can be an asset to their organizations.
  • Youth and young adults with disabilities to interact with employers and learn what they need to become good employees.
  • Youth and young adults with disabilities make arrangements with employers to visit work sites and job shadow other employees.
  • Parents, educators, agencies and legislators to help youth and young adults with disabilities connect with potential employers.

Networking and information sharing

The annual Youth Employment Expo is a collaboration of youth, young adults, families, employers, The Arc of Indiana County, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana County School Districts, ARIN IU 28, the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce, ICW Vocational Services, the Indiana County Community Guidance Center, and local and state legislative personnel.

Funding is provided by the Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust, the FISA Foundation, Indiana University of Pennsylvania and private donations.