Educational Advocacy Program

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The PA Department of Education extends FAPE to 22nd birthday. Learn more about this new policy from Carole L Clancy, Ed.D. during this informative session.

The Arc of Indiana County is an Independent Educational and Community Advocate for individuals of all ages with intellectual disabilities and developmental delays. Currently the Executive Director of the Arc of Indiana County addresses Advocacy cases in both counties. The cases vary from assisting with the IEP process, to finding a lawyer for due process or legal issues regarding behavior disruption/violence, to COVID-19 hybrid schooling concerns and Compensatory and extended school year needs. With each case time is used to research information supports and resources, meeting attendance, collaboration calls with parents, school districts, lawyers and service providers.

The Arc of Indiana County is an essential part of a student or individuals circle of support. Family, education, service providers, Supports Coordinator, Advocate. Utilized as an Advocate the Arc is an impartial resource with no conflict of interest. The Arc is not a service provider as the Arc is also a contractor for the IM4Q completion of surveys for several counties. All programs, trainings, and Advocacy are free of cost to students, parents, families and individuals in Indiana and Armstrong Counties.

The Arc does not benefit monetarily for any of its Advocacy or Community Outreach Programs. The Arc will educate, update and continue to build relationships with service providers as we continue our community workgroups that provide the Arc with the knowledge of the current services and resources in both Counties.

As the Executive Director I also attend community meetings that are directly related to support, education, secondary transition and Advocacy with LICC, Local Task Force, State Task Force, Transition Council Parent with Purpose, and AIBDHP Providers meeting. I am available to be on the Advisory Board and Human Rights Committee of Indiana and Armstrong Counties working to build partnership and collaborate on providing Advocacy Services.
Services provided:

  1. Support with in-person or via zoom meetings in school, legal and in the community.
  2. Provide resources and information about Special Education Law, IDEIA, applicable state regulations and how to effectively advocate for a child or adult with intellectual disabilities or developmental delays.
  3. Provide resources to school districts and Early Intervention providers to help design and deliver supports and services that guarantee students with disabilities the opportunity to make progress on their educational goals.
  4. Provide information about IEP’s, due process, special educational lawyers and Disability Rights information.
  5. Advocate for accessibility to housing, voting, legal representation, community resources and inclusion, service providers to assist individuals of all ages they have what they need to achieve independence and lead successful lives.

A full brochure containing information on this program is available here